Vital Health Certified Massage Therapists

Vital Health has four Certified Massage Therapist on staff to help you improve the quality of life and to encourage healing of the body, mind and spirit. Each therapist provides a wide range of specialized massage techniques intended to restore freedom of movement and relief from symptomatic or chronic pain.  Check out the massage menu at the bottom of this page or in the Services section. 

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  • Becky

    Becky has 20 years plus experience in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Touch for Health & PKP Kinesiology, Toxic Load Reduction, EEG Neurofeedback and St. John NMT.

    'Becky is one of the reason's I come to this office. Her knowledge of working with the body is so beneficial to my body. Whatever is giving me problems, she always can work it out! Whatever needs to be done - gets done! She is so gifted at what she does, I feel blessed to be able to have her as a massage therapist. An added plus is... she is a believer!'

    Testimonial by Vicki A., San Pedro, CA, Very Happy Client 

  • Lorrie

    Lorrie  has 12 years experience in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu Eslan, Hot Stones and Pregnancy Massage.

    'I have been going to Lorrie for massage therapy for several years now.  I look forward to my massage time with Lorrie because she brings with her an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

    As a mechanic down on the waterfront, I put in a lot of hours throughout the week.  Lorrie knows how to relieve the aches, pains and stress that the moments, days, weeks create.  I know get a massage on a regular basis to maintain my health.  Lorrie is a skilled professional and genuinely interested in making you feel better.  I would highly recommend Lorrie's therapuetic massage to others!'

    Testimonial by George G., San Pedro, CA, Union Member/Business Owner

  • Mario Shaw
    Aka (Magic Hands)

    Mario Shaw Aka ( Magic Hands ) RESULTS START NOW!!!  Lets take care of those mixed signals of aches and pains clouding your everyday Life experience . Lets do this... (310)832-4476 (Hands On) A way towards Restoring and Enriching your Quality of Life.

    My (Hands On) skills are taylored and designed to you...   

    My Intentions and Your Results!

    1. Desolve - Your body aches and pains   
    2. Minimize - Remove compression in joints, to discs, and The Spine
    3. Restore - Inrich your bodies shock absorption and performance  
    4. Inform - Inspire Health and Wellness in your Life...

    Lets do this! Experience Hands On...

    Became Certified May, 31 2001  - Continued studies in Deep Tissue,  Sports Massage, Reflexology, Polarity, Shiatsu, Thai-Yoga, ( Reiki 1,2, and 3 ).

    Along side courses to obtain my Massage Certification I became a Certified Personal Trainer to greater my Knowledge and practice.

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