Dr. Michael L. Schreiber, D.O.

Dr. Michael L. Schreiber, D.O.

Dr. Michael L. Schreiber is a board certified physician and surgeon specializing in pain management, orthotics, and sports medicine. He studied medicine extensively from 1969 to 1987, practicing osteopathic medicine and psychology as well, cementing his career in the medical field. He began working out of Vital Health & Chiropractic Center beginning in April 2017 as their sports medicine and pain management expert.

In his Pain Management practice, Dr. Schreiber specializes in the non-surgical care & treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. He conducts a comprehensive assessment to determine the primary pain-generators contributing to ongoing pain, then, utilizing state-of-the-art imaging and neuro-diagnostic testing modalities. He performs targeted procedures (e.g., Regenerative Joint Injections, nerve blocks, epidural spinal injections, PRP/Stem Cell injections) to directly address each of these pain-generating structures, to restore pain-free function. He has found that by using both pharmaceutical and research-based nutraceuticals in this biomechanical treatment model, maximum healing can occur with a minimum of side effects.

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