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  • "I started coming to the Vital Health & Chiropractic Center three years ago suffering from a bulging disc.  I was unable to walk and in one visit Dr. Melzer adjusted my back,  I was able to work that evening!  A true miracle!  Since then I come on a regular (monthly) basis to see Becky for a wonderful body massage that makes me feel ten years younger.  Since that first visit I haven't need but two additional visits for a realign!  Amazing!  Come out and visit Dr. Melzer and Becky.  You'll truely be amazed with the results!"
    Lynnette R., San Pedro, CA
  • "I have been going to Lorrie for massage therapy for several years now. I look forward to my massage time with Lorrie because she brings with her an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation. As a mechanic down on the waterfront, I put in a lot of hours throughout the week. Lorrie knows how to relieve the aches, pains and stress that the moments, days, weeks create. I know get a massage on a regular basis to maintain my health. Lorrie is a skilled professional and genuinely interested in making you feel better. I would highly recommend Lorrie's therapeutic massage to others!"
    George G., San Pedro, CA
  • "I just want to write down for the record that I am very pleased with Dr. Melzer's chiropractic treatment.  Not only is his level of treatment outstanding, but so are his bedside manners.  Dr. Melzer takes his time to listen and really care about you as a person as well as a patient.  He does his best to fix whatever is ailing you and for all that I thank him.  I have been to other chiropractors, but none has been as competent as Dr. Melzer.  Also, not only is he personable and good at what he does, but he staffs his office with nothing but the best.  Everyone that works for him or with him is fantastic!  I would highly recommend Dr. Eric Melzer to anyone in need of chiropractic attention.  Once again, Thank You and everyone in your office for everything you have done for me."
    Maria C., San Pedro, CA
  • "The time that was spent was total quality!  I have more range of motion today than I have had in quite some time.  I  look forward to my next session with Dr. Melzer."
    Pamela P., Long Beach, CA
  • "Regarding Monthly Newsletters and Information Mailers.
    The information was very valuable. Although I don't ski, the tips of stretching and so forth I can use and apply when cooking and cleaning my home!  Most often than not we rise and just start going wildly cooking, mopping, bending, reaching without ever taking the time to stretch beforehand.  Thank you for the information of warm ups and body mechanics. It was useful and most timely!"
    Autumn S., San Pedro, CA
  • "I began seeing Erica for deep tissue massage therapy several years ago only after trying other therapist with little or no benefits to my ailments. Erica understood my needs and helped me to recuperate from my very stiff neck to the tightness in my lower back. She is very professional, considerate and her technique is unsurpassed. I could not ask for a better experience or therapist for that matter. Thank you Erica and the staff of Vital Care for keeping my body flexible and healthy. I highly recommend Erica for any and all her services. She is truly the best!"
    Randy R., Carson, CA
  • "I could hardly get out of bed. I couldn't stand straight. My wife said my back looked like a figure "S" from side to side. Dr. Melzer gave me 2 or 3 treatments and I was back to normal in a week or less!

    I have Dr. Melzer do adjustments every two weeks and haven't had a back spasm since. Before going to Dr. Melzer, I had the terrible back spasms on frequently occurring occasions.

    I am 6' 4" and weigh 240 lbs. Dr. Melzer is big and strong and capable of moving and manipulating me to perform his adjustments without causing pain or injury!"
    Martin M., San Pedro, CA
  • "Doing the jobs that I do(ILWU Longshoreman) - I would never be able to make it through a week without the help of Dr. Melzer and his team. Angelica has magic fingers and her massages take over even the most stubborn of knots in a person's neck and back. The therapy is also a blessing - thank you all. Couldn't do without my other family - Vital Chiropractic! Love you all!"
    Alicia B., San Pedro, CA
  • "Vital Health is a "very friendly & efficient office & staff! They provide a reduction with my pain and I leave feeling like a million dollars."
    Zen S., Wilmington, CA
  • "Becky (massage therapist) is one of the reason's I come to this office! Her knowledge of working with the body is so beneficial to my body. Whatever is giving me problems, she always can work it out! Whatever needs to be done - gets done! She is so gifted at what she does, I feel blessed to be able to have her as a massage therapist. An added plus ... is she is a believer!"
    Vicki A., San Pedro, CA

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